Matching Networks


The ATS Series are Seren’s latest generation of auto-matches. They incorporate a microprocessor control card with direct drive stepper motors for reliable, fast and repeatable auto-matching. They are available at frequencies of 1.7 – 2.1MHz, 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz and 40.68MHz and powers from 300 Watts to 30,000 Watts. They comply with CE, SEMI, UL, FCC and CAN/CSA regulations and are backed up with a comprehensive global warranty. Standard and custom configurations available.

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The AT Series of Matching Networks is Seren’s first generation auto- matches. They incorporate 12VDC Servo motor technology with an external 110VAC-240VAC MC2 match controller. They are conservatively rated and are available in “L”, “Inverted L”, “PI” and “T” configurations depending on impedance requirements. They are available for powers from 300W to 20kW at frequencies from 1.7MHz to 40.68MHz.

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